How To essays


“How To” essays

Do you like cooking something tasty? Of course you do, so you need some recipes. However, you have never thought about recipes as about “How To” essays. Just think a little. The texts of recipes give you clear explanation of steps you should take in making a pie of an ice-cream. The same you read in “How To” essays, which characterize the process from the inner view and describe every step you should take to finish the process and get a final product.

What may be described in “How To” essays:

  • The process of a product making: brewing, ice-cream making, baking of bread, computer building and other processes;
  • The process of teaching and learning: step-by-step learning of foreign language, make-up doing, hair making and so on.
  • The historical process of conquest and many other actions.

So as you can see you need to do your best in writing “How To” essays, as they have essential point of explanation of information to a reader as to a child – in the proper sequence you tell how to do something. But describing stages of processes cannot be a single element of “How To” essays, therefore we present you with another elements of their writing. You should:

  • not only tell about the right order of process steps, but also to tell about the materials which you use during this process and to present some ideas on the reasonable start and final.
  • define the terms which you will use during the explanation, and if needed to substitute them with some others for better understanding the information.
  • Use the transitional words such as first, second,… following to, due to, then, next, after that, only then, later, in a while, finally, in the end and so on. It will help you to keep a reader in the contact with your process and to follow the certain steps.
  • Describe benefits and results of the process and offer your variant of the process doing. Sometimes you may not do last version of writing.
  • Not begin with the statement “I want to tell you about the process of …” or “Do you know how to …”. It is so boring! Try to develop your thoughts from a story, offer or memory. Hook readers on what is so close to their understanding. If you should write about brewing, write about everybody who drink beer and what this drink mean for some nations. If you write about an ice-cream, write about little children, who beg their mothers to buy it or recollect your memories about the childhood. Writing begging of “How To” essays is your choice and you may do what you want there.

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